When turning a video file into a wallpaper it gets stuck on the loading preview (WinStandalone)

I am using the Windows standalone launcher on an Intel I5. Trying different wallpapers has not worked, as they keep getting stuck on the loading preview.

Can you elaborate What Windows standalone launcher is? What Windows version are you running(7,8,10,11)?

I have managed to resolve the issue so sorry for wasting your time

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Im glad that it works now :slight_smile:

Hello, Ratugroote I have the same problem, could you explain me how you managed to solve it? thanks bro

Hi @MathewHT can you elaborate (screenshot) your problem a bit?

Im using W10 ,intel i5 (4 gen) and when i when i upload a video (1 min 40 s long aprox) it get stuck on the preview ,im using the standalone windows installer of screenplay. Maybe if i use another installer it will work?

@MathewHT thanks for the feedback :hugs: By uploading you mean going to the create tab and selecting a video? Can you also check if there is a ffmpeg.exe and a ffprobe.exe in the ScreenPlay directory?

Yep, that was what I was trying to do. I imported a video on Video Import (.mp4) and all types, selected the video and which codec I wanted to use, but it got stuck. And yes, I have both files in the main directory.

I used the Steam version too, but encountered the same problem. Also, if I subscribe to any wallpaper on Steam, it will download, but I can’t find it on Screenplay.

The details I can provide are that the Screenplay software has been installed on my second SSD, not in C:, basically.

Is there any documentation I should review before continuing to look at random things?

In theory, installing ScreenPlay on a different ssd shouldn’t be a problem. Can you please test the new V0.15 version that contains more than a year worth of fixes and features? Go to Steam → App Settings → Betas → Select internal.

I guess it’s the internal beta version for Steam, *

(internal using only)

I found it under the Steam Beta tab in Properties.

I tried it, but I still have the same problem. I can’t import videos or use the subscribed wallpaper from Steam, even though I checked that I’m subscribed and that it has been downloaded

Bro could you please tell me how you solved this issue? We have same specs and problem’s

@MathewHT could you provide the video you are trying to convert?

You can also try my test videos like https://ftp.mantissa.xyz/vj_loops/mantissa.xyz_loop_072.mp4 from Midge "Mantissa" Sinnaeve | Free High Quality (4K) VJ Loops