ScreenPlay V0.15.0 RC-5

Hi all,
This new RC is available on steam internal with the following changes:

  • Add X11 Linux support. This is still bare bone and you need to compile it yourself for now if you want to try it out :slight_smile:
  • Revamp project loading
  • Revamp Wallpaper error handling. This means no more zombie ScreenPlayWallpaper processes!
  • Single on OSX.
  • Fix resetting the autostart app on ever start. This resulted in macOS displazing warnings about start applications every time.
  • Update to Qt 6.5.0 with FFMPEG as the default video player. This can improve playback performance quite a bit.
  • Add VSCode support for developing ScreenPlay!
  • Add QmlProject to qml wallpaper

I have reuploaded the macOS binaries. ScreenPlay should start now normally again :smiley: