Screenplay ignores ALL GPU power settings

Imgur since there’s a pointless embed limit.

Since windows now manages app power settings, there is no other way to switch this to run on the iGPU. Yes I’m on latest drivers, yes I restarted. Any workaround, or is this app just broken?

Hi, are you running V0.14 or V0.15 nightly builds? Also note that you probaply want to change the settings in the ScreenPlayWallpaper executable, that runs the actual wallpaper, not the ScreenPlay.exe that is only the main window :slight_smile:

All 3 have been changed as you should be able to see in the screenshot, unless there’s a different exe somewhere. Current version is whatever is on steam, I think v0.14.

Please try the V0.15 RC that contains a new video rendering engine. For this, you need to enable Steam Beta nightly/internal in the app settings in steam. I’m not sure if this helps, because you have your 3 monitors hooked up in your 3080 and not your integrated Intel gpu. Are there other applications that use the integrated gpu?

I’ll try v0.15 and report back. All monitors are on the dGPU, and every other application when set to the iGPU does it just fine, including browser, lively wallpaper, and discord, so this is a problem exclusive to this program.

Interesting, sadly my Ryzen 5950X does not have an integrated GPU, so I have never had to deal with this issue. V0.14 uses an enbedded chromium to render the video. V0.15 uses the Windows media framework, so let’s hope this fixes the issue.

Yeah it’s even worse now. Backgrounds are overlapping and causing rapid flashing, they’re now not aligned to any screen, and most processes are still on the wrong GPU.

Thanks for the V0.15 feedback! Do you have different window scaling enabled for each monitor?

Just tested it with my 4k (150%), WQHD 21:9 and FHD 21:9.

The only difference would be maybe the gpu? Maybe it is a driver thing :sweat_smile:.

The flashing ist mostly if you have multiple wallpaper on the same monitor, but I guess this will also happen if you have the a wallpaper leak out to a nother monitor. Can you post a screenshot of you setup with scalings please?

Definitely not a driver issue. Display arrangement is about as common as it gets for triple setup, there’s nothing out of the ordinary that would cause issues.