Refactor build script

Still working on that. The weird thing is that it does need like 50min to execute this simple bat file and then times out after an hour. See o%2FHxswRVqY%2B75yLP4NjMtAFYeYuFW9C8EVTEqA2iRA2JvKjqKT5tPy6iuMmB tpaQ0hUUdjojbpZSkADmcA9rf4%2FZL1QCw9KvgWamNbuU7YycnX4P5bWf%2BMLc FmXQYf4uRMQHWIGA8ZK%2BsBPdsFKq2EgpbNMPmqwW9SEfIPxhf%2FEy9xrqG4rE DrygRWU0tGJ0BOZh6b2zWAEZ9UNwQsBKbj1uigRRZKmnjYqLWkqZvmLw65ll oXRvl44FTXsXp19SeMd2QaSv1O52zM0rQ0atOA%2Fyrw%3D%3D&Expires=1641133046

But this only happens on the shared runner and not on my private ci machine. There it works as expected.

This has something to do with the shared Windows powershell, and your runner powershell
Installing the new PowerShell Core and execute the script with pwsh may fix but idk
*also the log url is dead, u should consider posting it to privatebin/hastebin/etc lol

Do you have a link to that?

If you mean the link to PowerShell Core then you can google it, its official microsoft product (or here GitHub - PowerShell/PowerShell: PowerShell for every system!)

No to your theory about the pwsh

well idk, since it’s just my theory. (Because Windows powershell is powershell 5 and maybe outdated in the gitlab VM while pwsh (powershell core) is powershell 7)
it’d be better if we can cross-platform compile this using MinGW or sth like that.

I would say screw it use our ci machine where it works. I tested if it changes when I remove the ffmpeg download bat and it still hang now at the first vcpkg package.