Having issues with the way screenplay scales my wallpapers

Recently updated from the old version to internal because it wasnt using my dGPU. After the update it began using the dGPU which is fine and all but another issue arose with screenplay now adhering to my displays 125%(recommended) scaling which made my wallpapers looks weird and I can’t use 100% on my 1920x1200 display cause every just looks small and uncomfortable to read.

Maybe this was introduced here: Change monitor selection when using Windows scaling (a5cc167d) · Commits · Elias Steurer / ScreenPlay · GitLab

I will take a loot at this when I’m back from work :blush:

Looking forward to the solution.

@Klone I have fixed the issue. You can try it yourself when the CI is finished compiling. Pipelines · WIP: Fix window scaling (646733bb) · Commits · Elias Steurer / ScreenPlay · GitLab

How do I add the fix after it is finished compiling?

@Klone I have pushed a new update to the internal branches on steam that includes the scaling fix. Can you please test it and report back? :blush: