Crash dual screen


Today i don’t know why the app crash all time, recently i installed displayfusion, but i dont let him work on wallpapars screen ,

Before i use screenplay on my dual screen and work properly, but now when i try to add a second screen the app crash immediatly (displayfusion on work or not)

Sometime i try only on only one screen its work but crash after some time (2s at 5min)

I try the beta version because the version (1.015 dont work (only the sound work))

Have you some help for me ? this app is fire


I think I can remember a user also having issues with displayfusion quite some time ago. I can take a look this weekend.

Sorry discourse flagged your post as spam, so I didn’t see it…

ok tell me when its possible see about that, its possible to control my pc with teamwiever if you want

up please i can’t use screen play

yo do you have some time for me ?