V0.10.1 Nightly testing!

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    Please report any problem you have with this build here!


    Update Russian translations based thanks to user Observer


    Change testing path to something download able from the steam workshop
    Change wallpaper check again because the old code didn't work for WS_MAXIMIZE windows that weren't in the foreground
    Change name filter for video import. For this wizard we do not support gif


    Fix creation process only showing blank page
    Fix copy to clipboard for debug messages not using newline resulting in one line pasting
    Fix clang compilation on windows by making m_globalVariables no longer a referenceFix clang-tidy and clazy warnings
    Fix import of very small videos like 1 second in length. Thanks user Jailbreaker for the feedback!F
    Fix visible check for one monitor
    Fix default cover mode
    Fix 5.15 warnings for c++ singals to QML slots not using function
    Fix default header value for checkWallpaperVisible


    Add description text when the wallpaper does not render to guide the user to disable the VisualsPaused feature if he can read this
    Add warning message for a potential bug where the wallpaper counter never resets
    Add warning if removeWallpaperAt was not successful
    Add small pause to wait until window animation is finished to not display black background for a few frames


    Remove CheckWallpaperVisible for now from default
    Remove CONTRIBUTING see https://kelteseth.gitlab.io/ScreenPlayDocs/contribute/contribute/

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